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Mobile-friendly design and content
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Modern design reflecting academic and research excellence
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Clean, simplified navigation
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Social media integration
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Improved directories
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Standardized search and user experience


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Redesign of columbia.edu
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Redesign of key secondary- and tertiary-level pages
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Creation of key third-level domains
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Implement latest technologies


  1. Conduct user interviews, workshops, and surveys
  2. Gather quantitative data
  3. Quantify and analyze all data 
  4. Develop wireframes and information architecture
  5. Conduct usability testing
  6. Finalize designs
  7. Develop and build site
  8. Migrate content
  9. Perform usability, quality assurance, and load testing
  10. Launch Site
Project timeline

How Can You Help?

Help us redesign the home page through these key pieces

Complete a Short Survey

This survey is designed to help us understand how you use the Columbia University homepage and some of the ways in which you think the site can be improved. (This task is completed.)

Submit Your Ideas to the Whiteboard

Let us know how and why you want to use the Columbia homepage so we can create features that work for you.

Sign up for Usability Testing

Usability testing is a means of evaluating a website by testing it with the people who uses the site. The session generally lasts an hour and is held at Studebaker.

Sign up for Design Thinking Workshops

Design thinking workshops help us generate new ideas, identify missing content, and identify areas that need improvement. (This task is completed.)


Email the project team at [email protected]